The Matterhorn Interview: Dimitri Speck explains gold price suppression – Part 1

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On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management Zurich, Lars Schall met up with Munich based quantitative market research analyst and author Dimitri Speck. Dimitri also serves as a consultant to the US-based Gold Antri-Trust Action Committee (GATA).

In Part 1 (16 minutes) of this excellent interview Dimitri explains in detail what the effect of agreements between the FED, other central banks and bullion banks has been during the past 20 years. And why the original motivation to suppress the gold price was to lower the inflation expectations of the people and therewith directly also support bond prices as well as maintaining a relatively strong US currency in the process.

Egon von Greyerz

In Part Two (18 minutes) “THE DOUBLEFACE OF GOLD”, which we publish 27 November, Dimitri Speck will explain the entire and very important post WWII role of gold and rigging of the silver market.

“Part 1: The coordinated effort to suppress the gold price”


(Quelle: YouTube)


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